Read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Habitat Bay Waveland and its work around the community.

Does Habitat give houses away?

Habitat does not “give houses away to poor people.” Habitat homeowners purchase their homes. Partner families must have an income in order to be able to afford the mortgage. Partner families are vital members of our community. They are teaching assistants, grocery store employees, police officers, administrative assistants, carpenters, custodians, hospital workers, bus drivers, etc. Since Habitat holds the mortgages, their mortgage payments help to build more Habitat homes.

Where do you build and repair homes?

Our service area includes all of Hancock and Pearl River Counties.

How does Habitat work?

In new home construction, we look for qualified, hard-working, low-income families who are seeking a hand up not a hand out. Each family completes a rigorous education program, contributes sweat equity and makes a small down payment toward their home. When the house is completed we do not give it away. Instead, we sell the home, at no profit to the family, and provide a 0% mortgage for 15-30 years. This results in the total monthly payment to own a Habitat home (including principal, insurance, and taxes) being between $350 – $650 per month.

In our home repair program, we serve current homeowners that are in need of help to improve their living conditions, increase energy efficiency, or address critical health, life and safety issues or code violations. Homeowner participation and investment are necessary.

How do you fund your building and program activity?

We raise all our funds through a wide range of fundraising activities, partnerships with businesses and churches, and grants.

How is your organization governed?

We are a locally based grassroots organization governed by a local board. We have a strong and experienced staff that lead the day to day activities of the organization.

Who can build a house?

You can! What makes Habitat unique is that we work mostly with unskilled volunteers to build and repair houses. We work with all kinds of group and individual volunteers that come from businesses, churches, schools, civic organizations, and more.